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Solar Solutions For Energy Independence

Stop feeling trapped by ever increasing utility bills.


Turning On Your Lights Shouldn't Break The Bank

Go solar today and put an end to ever skyrocketing energy costs! 



With a custom solar solution by Stellar Solar, you get 3 things your utility company will never give you:


Protection. Control. Predictability.

Fixed Monthly Cost

Remove the fear of unpredictable energy costs with a consistent, monthly solar bill that you set!

Transparent Billing

Stop paying outrageous hidden fees dumped on you by your utility company and only pay for the energy you use.

More money for the things you love

Been putting off that beach house vacation or Caribbean cruise? With solar savings of up to 40%, you can afford the retreat you deserve.


We get it. We’ve felt the burden of crushing utility costs too. 

That’s why we started a solar company to save you money.

Meet Us Now


Meet with our Solar Experts and put an end to ever skyrocketing energy costs!

4.9 Star rating on Google

$1,200 average first year savings

Local, family owned and operated

Custom Solar Design


Get a custom solar solution by Stellar Solar on the way to energy independence.

Start Saving Money


Turning on your lights shouldn't break the bank. Start saving today with no money down.

Robert and Karla Chandler.jpg

You won't regret calling Orlando Gomez at Stellar Solar!! We couldn't be happier with the highly professional and caring service we received, beginning with the very first phone call to the installed panels and beyond. Orlando made himself available every time we had more questions or concerns and patiently walked us through all of the answers we needed. He made our priorities his priorities and consistently worked to meet our objectives. For example, we didn't want panels placed in the front of the house so he developed a plan to accommodate that request; clearly explaining the pro's and con's of each scenario and helping us make a decision that best met our financial and aesthetic goals. Orlando consistently demonstrated impressive knowledge and understanding of the solar industry - from financing and tax credits, to calculating our energy needs, to the specs of different panels, to installation and maintenance, and on and on and on. Knowing his expertise, we felt safe in trusting his guidance and input throughout the process. We highly recommend Stellar Solar and continue to be thankful for the "stellar" service we received from Orlando and the team! 

- Robert & Karla Chandler


Relax. We got you covered!


Relaxing at Home

Including Labor & Roof Penetration

Rest easy knowing that your solar energy system isn't only saving you money every month, but that you're taken care of in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your system.

Inverter Extended Warranty

While most solar companies don't include inverters in their extended warranty, we believe inverters are kind of important, so our warranty covers them for 30 years.

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